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Stop Violence Against Women - Amnesty International

You have reached the livejournal of AJ.

If you are already acquainted with the occupier, you know what you're letting yourselves in for. Browse at your leisure.

If you stumbled upon this journal inadvertently, please press 1.

If you are looking for fanfiction of varying type and quality (which will invariably turn out to be slash), or recommendations, press 2.

If you have met the occupier elsewhere on LJ and wish to make a complaint, please press the hash key. It won't do any good, but neither will complaining.

If you are calling from the Student Loans Company, the Council Tax collection office, some other agency I owe money to, or you are trying to sell me something, please hold.
Scratch that. If you are from the Student Loans Company, I hope you suffer eternal torment. You deserve it.

If you are looking for intelligent comment, please try again later.

If you are under the age of 18, please hang up now. No, really. There's nothing here to interest you. I'm too old and boring to be interesting. I'm a teacher, how interesting could I possibly be to you?

Thank you for calling.

Love is a human right - Amnesty International


Who Are You?

In these lj days of the random journal button and latest page, and with the tendency of the occupier of this journal to get typeative on a whole range of communities, people stumble across this journal every now and again in a bizzarre and inexplicable fashion. Some of those people decide to add me, in a way that is even more bizzarre and inexplicable. I tend to have a snoop if someone random does add me, but can't always tell who people are or where they found me from. So, this post was created for you, the random wanderer, to come and introduce yourself. So go ahead. Tell me who you are and how you found this journal.


Glitchy McGlitcherson

I haven't been getting comment notifications for a few days now, except the odd one that seems to slip through. So I promise that I'm not ignoring anyone, just probably unaware you said something.

On What People Post in Their Journals

Because people are paranoid, I should explain that this is about three things I saw on my friends page today, all relating to friends cuts.

Over the years in my time on LJ, I've made and lost friends. People post stuff you don't like, or aren't interested in, and sometimes you scroll past, sometimes you go your separate ways. There have been a couple of people recently where I just thought that I was either always scrolling past their posts because I found them boring or always scrolling past them because they annoyed me, and that said it was probably time to let things go, quietly and without flouncing at them (because not wanting to see Republican politics or ultrasound scans of people's unborn babies is my problem, not theirs). However, there's something I firmly believe about each and every one of your journals, and it's that they're just that. YOUR JOURNALS. If you want to be rude, go ahead. If you want to let off steam, fine. If you want to talk about stuff I don't know about, maybe I'll read and find it educational. Maybe I won't. If I don't understand what the hell you're on about, I may ask you or just give you time to work out what to say. If I don't understand what you're on about most of the time, I'll probably just give up but we all have off days.

There are some things I won't do though, like try to tell you what you should put in your journal. I will not tell you which journal or networking service to post on. I've made clear that I'm not reading anyone's Twitter, and if you only post there I'll miss you, but that's your decision. I will not tell you what to read, write, like or dislike. And I won't stand for anyone telling me that. Join me in that or not. Still, your journal.

ETA: There are a very small number of things I will cut people for doing just once. And it's probably quite obvious what they are, but if you can't work it out, they mostly relate to being a misogynistic douchebag. In the event that anyone turns out to be one, I have no idea why they'd want to read this journal and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't miss me.

ETA 2: I should explain that I can barely move around at work without bumping into somebody who wants to talk about their upcoming/recent wedding, somebody who wants to talk about their pregnancy or somebody who wants to talk about their baby/toddler. I am lost in those sorts of conversation. It is not anyone else's fault that I get that at work, but for the forseeable future I can't handle it online as well. I'm sure everyone else on the whole of LJ loves reading about it, and even if they don't, if that's what you want to post, go ahead.


Friends Cut

It's happening, because for some of you I don't feel we really have much to communicate about these days. No hard feelings, maybe see you again sometime.



Funny, that...

There's a story making the rounds over here that since Nick Griffin made an appearance on Question Time, a YouGov poll has shown that 22% of people polled would 'seriously consider' voting for the BNP. Over half of those responding said they thought the BNP had a point in standing up for the rights of indigenous white people in the UK. 3% said they would vote BNP if there was a general election tomorrow.

I hope you're wondering what exactly I think is funny about that. Well, what's funny about that is that I'm a member of YouGov, and somehow I didn't receive an invite to that poll. Neither did my mum, or the two people at work I know are YouGov members. According to the YouGov site, their UK panel has over 250,000 members. 1,314 people voted in this survey. Not everyone who receives an invite responds to every poll, but I'm curious as to why some people routinely aren't invited for particular polls. All I've received this week is repeated, spammy invites to join their music blog and repeatedly get questioned about bands I've never heard of.

This isn't the first time I've seen YouGov polls quoted on telly and wondered about precisely why they chose not to invite me to complete them. I know there are people on my f-list who are either members or who know people who are. So I'm curious. Who exactly did get asked to complete this poll?

Before anyone raises this, yes I do know about different sampling techniques in carrying out surveys.


In Memoriam

Power often wins, but one day freedom will conquer all.

Business 101

Talk to your customers. If it's not your fault, tell them whose fault it is. If it is your fault, own up and sort it out. It's not rocket science, people.

Frankly whatever happened I'm still disturbed that 600 naked women get filed under 'photography'

The Internet Never Sleeps

Even Easter weekend isn't a good time to try to bury bad news.

Late to the party, but I couldn't not link to the whole amazonfail story. This comes via an impressive number of people on my friends list, thank you to all of you.

I have never yet needed protecting from any book. I realise that a business can use any policy it likes on what products it chooses to promote or hide on the online equivalent of the top shelf, but that business needs to realise that the decisions it makes can have a real impact on sales. So if you're going to decide that the kiddies should be protected from erotica, and that 'erotica' includes portrayals of homosexual relationships without a single sex scene but doesn't include collections of pictures of naked women or graphic description of heterosexual sex, realise that it's going to create a bit of a fuss, people. Moreover, the claim that it was all a 'glitch' is not remotely plausible (heard that one before somewhere). Right-wing nutjobs are not the only people capable of complaining, boycotting and seriously harming sales.

Collection of links here for anyone who missed them and because linking is good. In that spirit, someone at the Guardian has noticed. Amazon would rather you made napalm than got laid.


Re: LoudTwitter

I know some of you use LoudTwitter to post Tweets to your LJ, so I thought it only fair to let you know about this. I don't know if it's a formatting issue but they almost always appear to be garbled half-conversations I've long since given up trying to follow. I may have mentioned this before, but they make me feel like the one kid in the corner who isn't in on the joke, and I think I've spent enough of my life there thanks. Hence, I've filtered them out. If anyone has a problem with this, I'm open to discussion or you can feel free to cut me. I've already read several posts today from people flouncing about filtering these things out, and I'm sure filtering has actually been around for a while before Twitter but they possibly have a point I missed there. I'm sure I'm going to miss out on lots of fascinating and vital stuff, but I never actually understood what any of it said in the first place. I'm clearly getting old and this newfangled technology is just a bit much for me. I'm also cranky and tired and will probably regret this in the morning, but in the list of things I've regretted in the morning this will barely register. Anyway, sorry about that.



It can't rain all the time

I am slightly blissed out right now, in a way I haven't felt for ages. Not how I usually end up here, but it's good to know there's other ways.

I wish all my f-list the same feeling. And I've just ruined the fact that this LJ had 888 posts and it was all symmetrical and stuff. At least I'm still too busy to go looking for what my 666th post was though.


Feb. 1st, 2009

Iceland elects a lesbian Prime Minister. People in Iceland are apparently slightly bewildered that anyone cares about their PM's sexuality, which somehow makes it all a little bit more awesome.


Nov. 21st, 2008

Happy belated birthdays to empireofthewolf and imadra_blue! Hope you had a great time.

Work eating life. So astonishingly tired. Lots to say but no energy to say it. This may be a good thing. Take care all.


Nov. 8th, 2008

Happy belated birthday to jb_wolfsies! Hope it was a good one.

Nov. 1st, 2008

A slightly belated happy birthday to pennilesspoet17! Hope it was an awesome day.

In other news, if anyone finds a pumpkin or squash soup that's reasonably cheap, sold in the UK and does not contain any pulses or chili, I'd be astoundingly grateful if you could let me know about it.


Sep. 29th, 2008

Happy birthday to kewfant4ewan and tibblerooni!

Hope it's a great day.

Sep. 27th, 2008

Happy birthday to miss_andromache and magicalobizuth! Hope it's a great day.

Long update possibly to come about something that really could only happen to me. And I'm done feeling bad about these things.


September Babies Rock

Happy birthday to bluebirdtexas!

Hope it's a good one.

He's nicked your wormhole!

In case, like me, you were horribly disappointed with Lost Souls (and I'm not going to go into why unless anyone asks since it's been pretty well covered in lots of reviews), and that you have access to Radio 4 Listen Again or someone who can upload stuff off it, I'd like to pass on a rec for The Genuine Particle. That is how you write fiction about real science without making anyone want to scratch their own eyes out. Or anyone else's. Oh, and it's really quite funny. It's only available until Tuesday, so check it out if you can.

Edit: I also wanted to rec Channel 5's What in the World Quiz, even though I was stupid and missed the second episode, and I imagine most people missed the first given that it was buried at some stupid time on the schedule when nobody is watching TV. The third episode is next Friday I think, and it's vaguely cool in many ways.



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